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Reading is the basic step for learners in education and it plays a key part in literacy and language gaining. It increases intellectual aptitude through giving new thoughts, notions and enhances vocabulary. This study attempts to examine students 'reading behavior in the electronic age and the reason for the decline towards reading. The population of the study was based on graduates’ students of public sector colleges of Lahore vicinity. A well-structured questionnaire for the survey was used for data collection. A sample of 334 students of graduate program was sampled employing proportionate random sampling technique from public sector colleges (6 girls and 6 boys). The study findings show that 43.4 percent of the students prefer to spend time on electronic media and they were reluctant to read the books. Further, they were involved and preferred to use a cell phone as compared to study. Similarly, the student was also found that they were using Facebook as compared to reading habits. This study concluded that students had more exposure to electronic media and social networking sites as compared to study culture.