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Spring 4-20-2021


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This study aim to scientometric analysis of wireless sensor networks research output in India from 2010 to 2019 and the data has been collected from Scopus online database with 11775 research publications. During the study period it is identified that, maximum number of 2058(17.48%) publications are contributed in the year 2019 and compound annual growth rate is 5.44. This study identified that, relative growth rate is 0.88 in the year 2011 and 0.19 in the year 2019. At the same doubling time found that 3.61 in the year 2019 and 0.78 in the year 2011. This study confirmed that, relative growth rate is decreasing trend and doubling time is increasing trend. During the study period average degree of collaboration is 0.96, range of collaborative co-efficient is (0.60 – 0.56), range of collaborative index is (2.89 – 2.56) and CAI is decreasing trend for more than three authors from 1st block year (106.71) to 2nd block year (97.39). During the study period, most contributing author is Das A.K., Anna University Chennai with 557(24.56%) publications, International journal of applied engineering research contributed maximum number of 461(20.21%) publications and United States of America produced maximum of 251(23.61%) research publications. The estimated growth of publications based on time series analysis statistical application will be expected in the year 2025 is around are equal to 2277 publications and the year 2030 is around are equal to 2827 publications. This study identified that, highly cited publications is Ojha, T., sensor networks for agriculture: The state-of-the-art in practice and future challenges, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture,118,66-84 and it is received maximum of 391 citations.