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Spring 4-25-2021

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The paper examined the essential requirements for maintaining publishing standards as well as global visibility of research scholars, using Nigerian Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals as a focus. The paper x-rayed the basic concepts of the study, extensively looked into the state of publishing and maintaining global visibility by LIS professionals in Nigeria and proffered the key elements for positively changing the scenario, which among others involve using standard numbers in publishing like International Standard Book Number (ISBN), International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and Digital Object Identifier (DOI), among others, being mindful of what is published, where it is published and who publishes it. The paper equally stated that scholars should maintain research integrity by ensuring that their publications are clear, honest, accurate, complete, balanced, not misleading, selective or ambiguous in reporting, while journal editors and publishers generally, equally must ensure the integrity of the research literature. Thus, LIS professionals must maximize the benefits of publishing, maintain publishing standards, have quality publications, attract the right audience and ensure the eventual influence of their publishing on global visibility.