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This study aims to systematically explore and cluster by mapping and visualizing the cash waqf research literature to serve basis for future research. A system mapping research (SMS) was employed with bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer based on Web of Science data from 1979 to April 2021. This study visualized patterns of the co-occurrence of keywords, co-citation relationships, and citations of documents. We show the literature's influential aspects, such as the number of publications per year, countries, institutions, journals, authors, and topics. The review of cash waqf research comprises 46 publications by 107 authors affiliated with 32 organizations in 9 countries, published amid 29 journals, and cited 293 times. We also identify three research streams by analyzing key terms: cash waqf management, cash waqf giving behavior, and the role of cash waqf. The journals publishing cover the business and economics research area and primarily published in high impact journal. We finally provide the potential research directions information for future studies by reviewing and analyzing the published research on cash waqf.



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