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Impact of ICT in College Libraries in Karnataka: A Survey

M Krishnamurthy


Information Technology has created revolutionary in the field of Library and Information Science. Library housekeeping activities introduced many applications since 1980 onwards. Libraries are applying few techniques to introduce new services to its clients to access, search, and browse through computerized activities like acquisition, automation and OPAC so on. In this context implementation of Library Automation in Colleges particularly in Government First Grade colleges in Karnataka, India. This study shares some of the experiences and an attempt is made to survey and assess the library automation status, problems, prospects and procedures in various Government First Grade College libraries across Karnataka. There is need for finding out what are the enduring issues lingering in the minds of librarians and management to make library automation happen and derive the benefits of advanced information technology. The study has selected Survey Research method and the tools used are the questionnaire to collect the relevant data and the study has used simple Random Sampling method to select the population for this study which consist of 411 Government First Grade Colleges, in Karnataka and the questionnaires were distributed to all the colleges, the responses received comprised 315 colleges in all and the response rate is computed as 76.64%.



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