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This study was carried out to develop core information sources in chemistry using citation analysis. A total of 85 theses submitted to the Department of Chemistry from 2010 to 2019 constituted the population. A bibliometric study was conducted using indicators such as types of cited sources, most cited journals, most cited books, age of cited journal and books and availability of cited journals and books in the university library. A total of four thousand, seven hundred and thirty (4,730) citations were obtained from the 85 theses. The findings of the study revealed that journal was the most cited source with 2001 (42.30%) citations. Book is the next most cited source with 1365 (28.86%) citations. The most cited journals and books were also identified. The findings of the study also showed that most of the cited books (88.46%) and journals (96.99%) were not available in the university library. Based on the findings, some recommendations were made among which are: improved funding for acquisition of current research materials in Industrial Chemistry by the Library Management. It was also recommended that Nigerian university library should use the identified frequently cited sources as a guide in the acquisition of sources in order to meet the information resource need of researchers in Industrial Chemistry.