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The focus of the present study is to analyse the top 100 cited papers in the field of Education. The study is aimed to provide insight into the citation pattern, authorship pattern, year, journals, countries, etc. of these top cited papers with the help of bibliometric analysis. The data for the study was extracted from the Web of Science database. The results of the study indicate that the majority of these 100 top papers were published from 2002 to 2006. Educational Psychologist, Academic Medicine and Review of Educational Research were the foremost journals while Taylor and Francis and Sage Publications were the major publishers. . The majority of the research papers are multi-authored and S.B. Issenberg, W.C. Mcgaghie and J Sweller are the most productive authors. USA is the dominating country in these top 100 papers and Northwstern University was the top institution.

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