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Measuring the productivity and output is a common practice for the institutions, when we discuss about research and publications. Keeping this in mind, the bibliometric analysis of Bundelkhand University, Jhansi from the year 2000-2019 is performed in the given paper. This study shows the growth of Bundelkhand University in terms of Primary research output and publicaions in all disciplines. The total number of publications (579) indexed in SCOPUS were retrieved and analyzed to find out the year wise growth, authorship pattern, collaborative coefficient, prolific authors and popular journals for communicating the research work. MS-Excel is used for analyzing and sorting the retrieved data. Collaborative coefficient is calculated by using the formula defined by Price & Beaver. The results of the study show that the year 2019 was the year of maximum publications (57). The highest citations were received in the year 2005 (1091) and ACCP for total number of publications was 10.71. The maximum publications published as journal articles and three-authorship pattern is dominating other patterns. Dr. S.P. Singh from department of Pharmacy was found as the most prolific author.