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Winter 6-1-2021


The study assesses the research performance and trends of global Seed technology research publications by using scientometric indicators i.e. publication growth pattern, author, institution and country research performance, the collaborative trend among countries. The study found that a total of 16613 publications contributed by 40588 authors from 1647 number of scholarly journals received with 350561 citations and h-index and g-index 182, 262 respectively, 148 countries have contributed in the Seed technology research. The English Language has the dominant language (96%) in Seed technology research. The research article title “Importance of pollinators in changing landscapes for world crops” has received 2215 citations. The journal Seed Science and Technology was productive journal and Weed Science highly performed journal. Lamont BB was the most productive author in terms of publications (50) and Herrera CM from Spain was highly performed author in the value of Y-index (j-20.52; θ -0.84) and MCI -0.02. USA was the top productive and high performed country. USA had high collaboration with other countries. India had 243international collaborative publications. Research performance of seed technology is in moderate condition and suggests that the researchers publish their research findings in open access journals for better research visibility and also the research institutions encourage the scientist to publish the research findings in their regional languages.