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Background: Libraries all over the world has being under lockdown as a result of the problems presented by this novel coronavirus. While still grappling through this pandemic is the challenges of libraries to provide timely access to information to frontline health workers who are in dire need of information to better understand this virus. It is in view of the above ugly scenario that necessitated the researchers to undertake this study.

Objective: This paper suggest that information needs of health workers in Anambra State are diverse and vary from communities to communities depending on the prevalent health conditions available in such area.

Methods: Descriptive statistics with qualitative data analysis were conducted among the 136 communal frontline health workers between 1st April 2020 – 3rd March 2021. 136 health workers comprising of medical doctors, nurses, auxiliary nurses, frontline and community health workers were purposively selected across all the 21 local Government Area that make up Anambra State in South Eastern Nigeria. Pretest self-administered questionnaire and observation checklist were used to collect data on different variables. Data entry and analysis were done using Excel 2016 and SPSS 25.

Results: This paper reviewed the most common information needs found among medical doctors, communal frontline health workers, frontline workers and nurses. It observed that common information needs include diagnosis, drug(s), treatment and therapy. For faster answer to queries, colleagues remain a preferred information source among physicians and nurses. However, a persistent increase in use of information found in the internet was established.

Conclusion: Health workers need access to vaccines, drugs, protective gears, internet, job-specific resources in the management and treatment of covid 19 patients. In addition, timely provision of information and curative resources is important for effective administration of drugs to infected patients and contact tracing.

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Questionnaire letter

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Demographic data

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Questionnaire items 1

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Questionnaire items 2

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Info need Research Question 1 Spss25 analysis

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Info need Research Question 2 Spss25 analysis

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Info need Research Question 3 Spss25 analysis

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Info need Demographic data Spss25 analysis