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Summer 5-18-2021


This study is the bibliometric analysis of research publications that focus on highlighting the inter linkages between disaster management and laws. The main objectives of the study are to determine the frequency of such publications and also to establish that inter linkages between disaster management and law have not received enough attention from the researchers. The data was collected from the Scopus database using VOSviewer software. Literatures written from 2000 to 2020 were perused. The study consisted of a total of 1649 documents which are classified into articles, letters, editorials conference papers, and reviews. Data collected is analyzed and presented using tables, charts, and graphs. The study revealed that not enough legal research is being conducted in connection with disaster management. This has also led to the under-development of the field of “disaster law”. In the present pandemic crisis breeding several human disasters, it is also recommended that disaster-prone economies should fund and encourage such research.



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