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Summer 5-26-2021


In December, the outbreak of a new Corona virus disease called as Covid-19 in China triggered the infection and deaths of many including medical personnel. The disease is extremely infectious since in extreme cases it can be fatal and there are no specific medications. Being the front line workers this poses a huge risk to the lives and welfare of nurses and has a significant effect on their emotional reactions and coping with strategies. This study would also explore emotional reactions and coping with styles for nursing students. A famous parameter that motivated people to practice protective behaviour either directly or indirectly was Covid-19 data searching across the four forms of digital media. This is a study based on survey of 24 nursing institutions. In order to curb its spread, timely access to quality healthcare information during an outbreak plays an important role. The outcome revealed that women showed more serious fear and anxiety than men. The purpose of this study was to analyse the criteria of information needs and seeking behaviour of nursing students in Bhubaneswar during the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19. For data collection,a pre-tested questionnaire was used. The result shows that students are strongly eager to know about information on causes of covid-19 virus; social media and internet are two main sources of information, most of the students seek information to help someone who was looking for information and the commonly barrier of information is lack of time.