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Winter 6-1-2021


Information-seeking behavior for Outstanding Students of Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) is an activity to increase information literacy in the era of information technology development, and it is necessary to use this activity as a reference or an example for other students in improving their information literacy and achieving effective and efficient learning. Therefore, in order to find the pattern of information-seeking behavior as reference material, the role of the university library is needed for designing an adaptation strategy of this pattern. The purpose of this research is to show the strategies or efforts of the library in adapting to the information-seeking behavior patterns of the 2019 UM's Outstanding Students. The method used in this research is the descriptive qualitative method. The research samples are the eighteen finalists of the 2019 UM Outstanding Student Competition who were selected through purposive sampling technique. The data was collected through interviews. The results of this research show that the library is able to adapt to the Outstanding Students’ information-seeking behavior patterns through its effort in improving the quality of library materials presentation in various formats, organizing scientific forum activities, socializing library policies related to the function improvements and the roles of the library as a reference center, subscribing to reputable online journals that are needed by each study programs and collaborating with journal providers to facilitate the publication of articles or book chapters internationally.



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