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Summer 5-30-2021

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Objective Bibliometric analysis is one of the profound instruments to measure the research output quantitatively based on geometrical and statistical evaluation. The objective of the current study is to provide structural overview of the voluminous research work done so far via bibliometric analysis to access the significance of this tool in academic research.

Methods A bibliometric analysis is performed by extracting 842 documents from Scopus database in CSV form from 2000 till April 5, 2021. The retrieved data analyzed via Vos viewer reveals about the significantly contributing authors, countries, author keywords, cited references, total link strength, and co-occurrence of author keywords using bibliographic coupling and co-citation analysis.

Results In year 2009, publication of bibliometric articles reached its apex with a publication count of 34 articles. China has published maximum number of bibliometric documents (37.76%) and has produced 114 collaborative documents with 38 countries with a citation count of 2018. Recent bibliometric articles included keywords such as Vos viewer, Covid 19, Co-authorship, and Co-occurrence analysis.

Conclusion Data presented in the study can be useful for comparing the use of bibliometric analysis in diverse subject areas and also focusses on the subject areas that are not yet explored through bibliometric analysis.