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This research aimed to explore the profile of the top Indonesian institutions based on the Scimago Institutions Rankings (SIR) 2021 and to clarify whether there was any consistency among the SIR, the Scopus, and the SINTA profile of the top Indonesian institutions. The authors considered a desk study through a bibliometric analysis. All data were extracted from Scimago, Scopus, and SINTA database. The top 25 institutions (including 29 universities with a double in some rank positions) from Indonesia in the SIR 2021 were analyzed their profile at the end of April 2021. Universitas Indonesia (UI) is the best in SIR followed by UIN SGD and UNHAS. Among those Indonesian universities or institutes, twenty-first of them were in the first cluster. The remained eight universities positioned in the second cluster. However, there is no consistency between the SIR and the Scopus profile and the SIR and the SINTA profile among those top Indonesian institutions. There is no guarantee that an institution with a good Scopus and SINTA profile will rank highly in the SIR. On the other hand, institutions with a middle position in the Scopus and SINTA profiles could be the top ten of SIR.