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Winter 5-14-2021


A centralized lubrication system or automatic lubrication system (ALS) is a system that delivers controlled amounts of lubricant to multiple locations on a machine while the machine is operating as per machine requirement. Lubrication occurs while the machinery is in operation, causing the lubricant to be equally distributed within the bearing and increasing the machine’s availability. Proper lubrication of critical components ensures the safe operation of the machinery. Less wear on the elements results in extension of component life, lower breakdowns, reduced downtime, reduced replacement costs, and reduced maintenance costs. If we can measure lubrication amounts, we can control the wasted lubricant supplied in excess to machine components, resulting in lowering energy consumption. The advantages of this new technology are transparent, although the heart of the automated lubrication system is the variable displacement pump. It is observed that a total of 1554 articles are published in different forms by past researchers. Following the trend of publications in the concerned area, the last seven years are the point of significant contribution, and in the year 2020, a maximum of 109 articles are published worldwide. The detailed survey revealed that a maximum of journal articles is published compared to the other relevant sources. China is the leading country in the concerned research area publications, followed by the United States and Italy.