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Purpose: The purpose of the study is to analyse the effectiveness of digital library usage, the hindrances faced, and the satisfaction derived by students during the period of COVID-19 when all universities were closed down in Ghana.

Study design/methodology/approach: The researchers employed the survey method to collect data for analysis. Data collection was made with the use of semi-structured questionnaire displayed online for many respondents to access and respond. Based on the design employed, this study can be classified as quantitative. A total of 500 university students from the categories of undergraduate, masters, doctorate and others participated in the research. The data collected were analysed and frequencies determined.

Findings: The results of the study showed that digital libraries were made available, well updated and maintained regularly by the library staff of the various universities in Ghana. Students effectively used the library systems and felt very much satisfied with the contents and quality of the resources available at the site as well as the flexibility of the system itself. Few challenges were encountered by students when using the system but these challenges did not have any substantial adverse effect on the usage of the digital libraries.

Limitation: Some university students could not access and respond to the online survey (questionnaire) due to poor internet connectivity in some parts of the country.

Originality: The research contributes to Digital Library Management as it showed the challenges encountered and the satisfaction derived by students from the usage of Digital Library during the COVID-19 pandemic.