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Summer 6-27-2021


The research is the outcome of the investigation of 4035 papers on web services and cloud study, as covered in the Web of Knowledge core collection database during 2010 - 2019, going through an overall group author contribution of 29.00% during the period, Iosup, Alexandru, et al with a citation impact per paper of 44.10% and a journal impact per paper of 5.768 by Future generation computer systems-the international journal of science. The world's web services and cloud research output is diverse, with the top three open access research journals accounting for 66.59% (All Open Access 44.03%, DOAJ Gold 17.41%, Green Published 14.37%).Conference Proceedings Citation Index-Science of global output during different periods. The foremost institutional contribution to web services and cloud research comes from universities, followed by Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Chinese Academy of Science, and The University of Melbourne, Australia during the periods. During 2004-13, India's global publication share was 5.66%, and it ranked fourth in global publication output. The top ten authors have 188 citations, and Buyya R, (132 citations), Dean J, (97 citations), Zeng LZ, (82 citations), and Mell Peter, (76 citations) share respectively during the periods. This study consequently increases the side by side of the wakefulness of web services and cloud computing and helps structure the knowledgeable success of web services through cloud computing.