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In the current era, libraries have been more advanced and known as a place where wider access to information is available in many formats and from different sources. Thus, it also changed the role of the librarian in the premises of the library. Now the librarian has become more resourceful by using a modern tool in the library to provide quicker, complete, and more refined information to students. Researchers identified the roles of a librarian in knowledge management is to identify the categories of knowledge needed by the student and to use information technology to help organize, store, and retrieve information. Therefore, the present study aims to investigate the current role of the librarian in the Public Sector Universities in Karachi. For this purpose, the survey design has adapted to carry out the research. Since the population was not large enough, the whole population was considered as sample. The researchers collected data from librarians of public sector universities of Karachi using closed- ended questionnaire comprised of four parts. Collected data were analyzed by using t-test on SPSS-21. The results of this study showed that the library is not only just a building or a physical repository that keeps the information, but it is a hub of knowledge provider. Hence, librarians have accepted the challenge of digital age and revolutionized their role from guardian of knowledge to knowledge managers for their survival.