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The purpose of this study is to analyse the utility and application of Library and Information Science (LIS) research in patents representing innovations, inventions and new knowledge. With this research, we have tried to bridge a gap between LIS research and patents, which is unavailable to date in the literature. To conduct the study, various patent search databases were used. Data in the form of DOIs were extracted from the Scopus database for the journal Scientometrics and were processed and analysed in visualisation software and spreadsheet software. The findings reveal how industries filing patents derive valuable inputs from LIS research in terms of its utilization, recognition and acceptance. This research paper will enhance the understanding regarding Library and information science, what is its value in Research and Development (R&D). Normally, it is believed that only STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical) research is fruitful for patents and innovations. The study breaks the glass ceiling as it provides an evidence-based approach to justify the LIS research does play a crucial role in the growth, development and progress of the society through its existence and proven integration with the patents. The findings reveal that LIS research is influencing Patents as they are being cited regularly with the growth in this discipline.