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The paper investigates work stress and information anxiety of library personnel in academic libraries in South-west, Nigeria. The research design adopted for the study was survey method of the correlational type. Simple random sampling technique was used to select a sample population of 308 (60% of the population) out of 703 library personnel in academic libraries in South-west, Nigeria. The findings of this study revealed that the level of work stress of the library personnel is moderate with a mean score X = 52.45; SD=7.366. The level of information anxiety of is also moderate with mean score X=36.87; SD= 6.370. SPSS was used to analyse the data.

Delivery of information and service are essential task of library personnel and this must be done efficiently and effectively if the profession is to remain afloat. To this effect, it has been recommended that the academic library managers in South-west, Nigeria should endeavour to sponsor and organise seminars, workshops and conferences for library personnel. This will keep the library personnel abreast of the modern trends and development in academic libraries and thus encourage them to embrace such development to reduce their level of information anxiety. Break time, well-furnished environment, adequate working equipment’ tools, job rescheduling among others will go a long way in helping to alleviate stress in the work environment. The study contributes to literature due to the fact that the project will be useful for other researchers in similar study. Likewise the study provides fresh data for policy makers on ways to reduce work stress.