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The paper is scientometric study of DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Science (DJLIT) and Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS). The analysis is based on 862 records retrieved from Scopus. Average growth rate for both the journals is registered as 1.64% while RGR differed from 0.32 to 3.76. B. M. Gupta with 28 contributions is identified as the most prolific authors. The fractionalized authorship revealed Sen, B. K. to be the most significant. Nevertheless, dominance ranking again produced a little bit different results. Gupta, B. M and Garg, K. C. both have highest h-index of 6. Scientometrics and bibliometrics have been identified as the most popular themes. Scientometrics (60), bibliometrics (60), e-resources (34) and citation analysis (29) have been found as the most frequently used keywords. University of Delhi (50), Jawarlal Nehru University (25) and Banaras Hindu University are outstanding (20) in respect of organizational output. The multiple collaboration ratios for both the source journal are registered as 0.029.