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The purpose of this paper is to find out the collection development and management, library services, library staff, library budget and ICT technology in the 6 government ministries’ libraries of Delhi. There are various libraries associated with government ministries in Delhi of which some has good collection and functioning while some are not up to the mark. In this study investigators have selected six libraries which are library of Ministry of Law, Corporate Affairs, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry, Urban and Housing Development and Consumer Affairs, Food and Public distribution for collecting their qualitative and quantitative data which could be directly related to their overall development. The librarians or head of selected libraries, staffs were approached with a structured questionnaire which aimed at collecting information about the overall collection, management and functions of the libraries. Findings of study show that these libraries are lacking professional skilled staff as well as unavailability of adequate ICT components. Furthermore, there is lack of proper information services which is hindering their overall development. There are various studies on various types of government libraries however no study on ministerial libraries of government of India has been done before. These libraries are special libraries in nature and consists of rare and useful collection. Hence, evaluation and study of these libraries to know their developmental status will be helpful to the library users.



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