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WhatsApp is a MIM application which connects people in real time. It has no additional cost to message and exchange the data between the mobile devices. Libraries can use it as an efficient tool for providing enhanced user services over the Smartphone. Exchange of messages, images, files, audio and video clips has been made much easier and faster thereby aiding in providing effective library services. The research study aims at analyzing the use and application of WhatsApp in the college libraries, its major advantages during pandemic period, its various benefits and difficulties faced by the library professionals while delivering services to the patrons. Considering the views of 112 college librarians, the study revealed that the aim of the utilizing WhatsApp media is to create a flexible platform that helps all users to build their professional skills. The study has revealed that 100% Library professionals are using WhatsApp in their respective libraries and are very comfortable in delivering quality library services through it. The research paper throws light on how a college librarian can make the utmost use of the WhatsApp to provide quick and efficient services to the patrons.