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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 11 p.


This study examined the information seeking behaviour of undergraduate students in two Seventh - day Adventist institutions. The population was made up of 4,741 students from three faculties registered during the first semester of 2009/2010 academic session. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select 474 students who took part in the study. A questionnaire adapted from Patitungkho and Deshpande (2005) was used for data collection. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics and Chi-square. Findings reveal that most of the respondents from Babcock University sought information mainly to update knowledge, while majority of the respondents from Solusi University did so for class assignment. Findings also revealed that students from both universities hardly make use of library catalogue or consult librarians/ library staff while seeking information. Based on the findings, the study recommends amongst others, that the universities libraries embark on use of library training skill for students, to ensure that they have the required knowledge that would enable them make maximum use of library resources. Librarians / library staff should also make efforts to reach out to students; this would not only draw the students closer but encourage them to seek their help



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