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Information literacy refers to the abilities of an individual in identifying, retrieving, and utilising appropriate and required information. The present study attempts to examine the information literacy skills of the research scholars of University of Jammu. For data collection, a well semi-structured questionnaire was framed and distributed among 270 research scholars of the University of Jammu. Out of 270 questionnaires, 236 were received back from 90 male and 146 female research scholars respectively. It is observed that majority (81%) of the research scholars have knowledge of simple search techniques compared to the other search technique. Based on the findings, necessary suggestions were made by the researcher for providing effective and proper information literacy among research scholars. The result of the study reflects that information literacy program should be incorporated in the course curriculum and more awareness is required among students on online databases and digital resources that will make the students more information literate. Users need awareness regarding the use of OPAC in the search and retrieval of information and also needs awareness about different search strategies in refining the search and in the use of Boolean Operator (AND, OR, NOT).