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This paper examines the availability of Open Access Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (OATD) available on Library and Information Science (LIS)in Totally, 10590 Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) on Library and Information Science were contributed by various Universities/Institutions during the period of 1971-2020 in Further, it is found that the countries such as US, Sweden, Finland, UK and South Africa were contributed 73.56% of theses. During 2011-2015, more numbers theses and dissertations were added in Among various courtiers, Sweden was found in the top with 2073(30.24%) of theses; University of Borås had contributed 900(27.70%) of theses than other Universities/Institutions. The department of Swedish School of Library and Information Science has contributed the highest number of theses 819(33.55%). English was found the dominating language, in which, 4204(56.86%) of theses were found in