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Spring 4-15-2021


This research is a systematic mapping in the topic of Knowledge Management study based on bibliometric analysis. This study aims to determine how the development of citations, publication trends, author collaboration, trend terms titles, trend terms author keywords, and trend terms abstracts in Knowledge Management articles in 2015-2021. Data collection using Publish or Perish (PoP) software in bibliographic search as the initial database in Scopus. The results showed that the highest number of citations (citations) occurred in 2017, as many as 4044 citations. In the publication trend, the most publications occurred in 2019 with 271 articles. Fifteen writers collaborate with other co-authors, namely Hussain, Saddam. kinto, aino. nawaz, faisal. shujahat, muhammad. The most used term in the title is 'Knowledge Management' with 285 occurrences. The most used keyword term is 'Knowledge Management' with 31 entries. The most widely used term in the abstract is 'Management Practice' with 77 occurrences. Furthermore, five groups of journals publish Knowledge Management articles from 2015-2021; most journal publishers publish Knowledge Management articles originating from the United Kingdom with 115 titles, the United States with 20 titles, and Switzerland with 14 titles.