Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Academic library provides suitable learning environment to the users but today it has various challenges to survive in this technological age. The need of users rapidly changes with time, library has to play new role to satisfy the users need. The technique of library should be user convenience, instead of librarian convenience. The library staff should have knowledge of soft skills, listening skills and communication skills. In this challenging condition for the existence, modern library should adopt the concept: If users do not come to the library, library should go to the users. The purpose of the study is to find out the library resources and services provided to the users by the central libraries of Tripura and Mizoram University, both by offline as well as online process. The study may be supportive for the library professionals to know the existing scenario of the central university libraries and help to make suitable plan and policy to expand their web based information sources and services in consonance with the changing needs of user. The Research paper is a comparative study of library resources and services of two Central Universities, Tripura University and Mizoram University, from two north-eastern state of India. This study tried to identify the status and quality of both library resources and services provided. The research study is conducted in the COVID-19 Pandemic situation. Due to this sensitive situation everybody tries to avoid physical contact to break the chain of spreading the virus infection. So the study is completely based on the observation and analysis of respective university library websites. To carry out the study data were collected from the web sources as university library web sites. Here, descriptive, analytical, and checklist methods were used in support of data analysis. To accomplish the study, related literature was reviewed to get a variety of ideas from previous published literature. Findings of the study reveal Mizoram University library is a little bit technologically advanced from Tripura university library and Tripura University library provides more resources and services compared to Mizoram University Library. Although they both are providing enough sources and services to their users, some areas of these libraries still need to be developed.