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Fall 9-8-2021


The Study investigated the Challenges and Prospects of Media Resource Centres in selected private secondary schools in Osogbo metropolis , Osun State. This is to ascertain whether they meet their aims and objectives of School Library, to review the problems faced by Media Specialist in new digital age and cyber environment. Simple random sampling was used to select 80 respondents from about 100 Staff of the schools. The study employed a case study research design. Data was collected by using, questionnaire and analyzed by using simple percentage method. Key findings revealed that the most frequently used library information sources by staff are only books. Moreover, other library information resources, such as print and non-print materials were not accessible by them. The findings further revealed that users face many constraints in using Media Resource Centre including lack of current and up to date reading materials, restricted reading hours, lack of sitting facilities, and lack of professional/ librarian for processing materials. The study conclude that for effective use of Media Resource Centre, there is need for current and adequate school library information resources, provision of professional Media Specialist, Paraprofessional and Skilled Maintenance Personnel to manage libraries. These could be done in collaboration with all stakeholders in secondary education in the country. However, the study recommended that adequate provision of fund is necessary for the provision of current and up to date information resources and also for the employment of qualified and trained Media Specialist.