Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The University Library system is an integral part of the universities. Its growth and development are solely dependent on the growth and development of the educational and research programs of the university. This paper examines the state of developmentof some university libraries in WestBengal establishedduring 2001-2010,namelyAliah University Library, West Bengal State University Library, GourBanga University Library andSidhoKanhoBirsha University Library. The key factors considered in this paper are library collection development, services, staff pattern, budgeting, circulation system, consortia & resource sharing and user strength. This paper also highlights the present status, problems and shortfalls of the university libraries.

A questionnaire was prepared to collect the data for the four university libraries. Questionnaires were personally handed over to the Librarians/ Library-in-Charge of thefour universities.It was found that budget,professional staffing, service, e-resources, etc. wereinadequate.User awareness programmeswere lacking.

This paper may be useful for the users, librarians and also for the parent body of the institutions. They may use of the findings in their policy decisions related to the development of resources and infrastructure in the library in a better way to fulfil the objectives of the University Library. The infrastructure and service of the libraries are insufficient. There is no user awareness programme. The libraries need to develop their services for the betterment of the academic programmes of the universities.