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The study examined the impact of ICT on student-learning in public sector universities of Peshawar division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It sought out the relationship between ICT and student-learning particularly looking at the user- ability of ICT and their effects on students learning. The study was conducted through multistage sampling technique; data was collected through questionnaires, from a sample of 300 respondent students and 75 teachers out of a target population of 1400 students and 245 teachers. Majority of the students and teachers were of the view that using ICT tools have affected their learning. It was concluded from the findings that most of the teachers were capable up to some extent and students were proficient to use different ICT tools and perform various application in them that are helpful for their effective teaching and learning process. It is recommended that user in-ability of ICT resources has also significantly affected students learning at University level which shows that in-ability of ICT have negative effect on their learning.