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Summer 9-17-2021


The study examined the training needs among teachers in Holy Child College of Education and Wiawso College of Education. The study sought out to identify staff training needs in the colleges, identify the methods of training adopted during training sessions, assess the benefits of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in staff training and examine strategies to be adopted in improving the training needs of staff. The study obtained information from eighty (80) respondents mainly through questionnaires.

The results indicated that training is of great importance to the development of employees and that the training needs of respondents included ICT training, professional development, leadership training and in service training and seminars. It was also realized that among the training methods were through seminars, workshops, coaching and mentoring. Among the strategies to improve staff training were introducing the right training programmes for employees to be able to transfer knowledge to their work, evaluating training programmes to make sure that the resources spent on training are yielding results for which they were intended.

Among the recommendations made were that training content and delivery approaches should be relevant to the job functions of employees, College Management Board should improve the training needs of tutors in the college by organizing more and effective training programmes for them. In doing so tutors should use the ICT training they receive to communicate properly and faster among themselves and the students.