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The main objectives of the study were to acquire knowledge about the Information Sources used in LIS Doctoral research, to explore the use of impact factor research sources in their research productivity, to find out the used Pakistani journals fall in HEC criteria (W, X, Y, Z), to know the citation style which is mostly used and to know the geographical affiliations of journals and other resources. This research deals with Quantitative research design, in this research. Researchers used statistical methods with help of an excel sheet to check the sources used by Ph.D. researchers. Sources of Journals, books, theses, websites, conference proceedings, newspaper articles, reports, and online databases were evaluated according to Geographical Location, author Pattern (single author, co-authors are multiple authors), chronologically (Decade wise). Findings of the study reveal that 93 Websites were cited having different domains like gov, edu, org, and com. Pakistani websites were mostly used and other counties' websites are also used like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. 56 Conference proceedings were cited, mostly used during the year 2005 to 2014, Conferences were organized in Pakistan and the USA mostly. 8 Newspaper articles were cited from only two countries, 6 articles from Pakistan and 2 from the USA. 103 Reports were cited from different countries mostly used from USA (40.7%), Pakistan (33.9%), and France (4.8%). However, (14.5%) data was used from other different countries, and (4.8%) data not identifying the country. these reports are mostly published from 2004-2013. 10 Online Databases the Library & Information Science Ph.D. Scholars have also used many online databases like Emerald Insight, Elsevier, SAGE Publications, etc. It is observed that the four databases are mostly cited. The database Emerald Insight has been cited the maximum number of times which is covering 49.22% (222) of the total database citations out of 451 database citations. Elsevier database has been placed at 2nd position by 19% (85), SAGE Publications placed at 3rd position 17% (77) and Taylor & Francis Group placed at 4th position 14% (60).