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The critical destinations of this study were to inspect the impact of Automation on users' perception of library services at Government College University Faisalabad. The present study has three research objectives including (a)To assess the user's perception regarding library automation at GCU Faisalabad, (b)To check the level of satisfaction of the users regarding library services at GCU Faisalabad, and (e)To measure the problem faced by the users after automation of library services at GCU Faisalabad. To meet the objectives, the investigator used a quantitative research approach and developed a questionnaire for the data collection instrument. The convenience sampling technique was used for collecting data from the target population. There were 16570 students enrolled in BS, Master, M.Phil, and Ph.D. degree programs. The sample size was 391(2.35 % of the total population) students. There were 375 out of 391 students who filled the questionnaire. Hence, the response rate was 95.9 %. The results revealed that more than 75% percent of the participants like to support and use automated library services and hybrid services. Further respondents gave their points of view that they had a trend to use automated services to save time. Moreover, the result of this study revealed that the participants were well aware of the library automated services, offered by GCU libraries. This research points out that most of the total participants were satisfied by the automated services, offered by the GCU library.