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Globalization is affecting the management of different types of organizations including healthcare organizations. In the knowledge-based economy, the management of knowledge has become an important mechanism to improve the performance of professionals and organizations. Knowledge management helps in transferring and generating new knowledge among professionals including hospital doctors. The Services Hospital Lahore is a teaching hospital and one of the leading health care organizations in the public sector of Punjab, Pakistan. The main purpose of this study was to explore the tools being adopted by medical officers for Knowledge Management (KM) practices. The nature of this study was quantitative. Simple random sampling was used to select the sample from the whole population in the selected hospital. The study found that knowledge management practices among doctors were good, but it required more attention from higher administration to supports the knowledge sharing, capturing, and generating activities among doctors in Services Hospital Lahore. Previous studies revealed that good management of knowledge in a hospital has a positive effect on the performance of patients' care delivery. This study concluded that through effective knowledge management practices, the hospital cloud improves the patient's care services. The key recommendations from this study were that management of knowledge could be improved by the use of the latest technological tools.