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The aim of this research work is to ascertain the relevance of health information management practice in health care delivery system. This research reviewed past and presents literature that of relevance to this research topic. Descriptive survey research design was adopted. Questionnaire was used to collect necessary information through probability sampling method and specifically the simple random sampling. Fifty (50) questionnaires were distributed to Health Information Practitioners at University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital Complex, Ondo and all the fifty questionnaires were retrieved for data analysis. It has been proved that HIM practice plays a very vital role in effective health care delivery as all the respondents supported this assertion, though, 8% of the respondents dispute the fact that HIM practice had role to play in patients’ confidentiality and cyber security. Factors that contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of HIM practice were examined; all these factors were agreed to, except in view cases where 6% of the respondents disagreed that incentives cannot promote effectiveness and efficiency of HIM practice. It was also discovered that the roles of health information practice are relevant in health care delivery system and it was also noted that a lot of problems are confronting the practice and relevance of health information management practices. Considering factors militating against the prospect of HIM practice, in view of this, recommendations were made.