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Winter 10-13-2021


This study is to explore and evaluate the essence of information health in superior healthcare provision. The researcher employed questionnaires and online materials to collect data. To achieve this, the research examines the University of Cape Coast hospital modern facilities like computers, telephones, scanners, X - ray equipment to mention but a few through its health workers and patients alike. Sample size is made up of that proportion of the population selected for investigation. It involves careful examination of a selected proportion in order to extend knowledge gained from the study of the part to whole. With regards to the study the researcher selected thirty (30) respondents out of the fifty (50) for the actual investigation. A critical analysis of the data gathered shows that out of the 100%respondents, thus the patients in the hospital 96% of them were given bed in2019 and 97% in 2020. This indicates that at least there has been some improvement in the current year. The remaining percentages that were not given bed were due to insufficient beds available to the hospital. The data also showed that 99% of the patients in 2019 were attended to examine their admission whereas in 2020 the percentage was 96. This shows that with the introduction of digital technology devices, doctors were connected and early attention is given to patients. This shows that with advent of devices like telephone in the health sector it is indeed improve on the quality health delivery In the case of drugs delivery and its indications or its effectiveness in 2019, 94% of the patients who were admitted were given good drugs as compared to 88% in 2020. From the research Work carried out, analysis of findings revealed that performance of doctors and the workers has improved over the past years with the introduction of digital technology.