Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Fall 10-14-2021


The insatiable information needs of students and teaching staff of universities and other academic institutions keep escalating even though traditional libraries are not increasing. The growth in academic programs and library patrons in universities coupled with reduction in library funding from government agencies has created a huge gab for academic library progress.The change in formats of scholarly information requires that users of academic digital libraries need guidance and education in order to achieve realistic satisfaction. Inability to meet the above mentioned needs and expectations is assumed to result in dissatisfaction with the service. Users of academic digital libraries are very important. Libraries exist because of them. Users should therefore be satisfied with the service they receive (Motiang, Wallis, Karodia, 2014). For satisfaction to result there has to be a need from the user and that need has to be met. If it is fulfilled the user becomes satisfied. There is high patronage of the academic digital library and the library as a provider achieves its mission if it succeeds in providing quality services, user education, up to date information communication technology infrastructure regularly for most users, the expansion and renewal of collections and the automation of routine activities.The purposes of this research were to find out the influence of Internet, it awareness, and use on the students and teaching staff of libraries in the University of Cape Coast.