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Women are increasingly becoming an integral part of the rural economy. Feminization and empowerment in agriculture is taking place while outmigration of males in the rural Bangladesh is visible due to higher off farm income. The objective of this study is to determine the current state of the ICT-based agricultural knowledge transfer of female farmers in Bangladesh involved in agricultural operations. Data were collected through survey method using structured questionnaire from 140 female farmers involved in public ICT service centers of Bangladesh. The questionnaire was administrated face-to-face and collected data were analysed with SPSS version 23.0. The result from the data showed that the variables such as assets, inputs, land, education, extension and financial services, and technology affect farmers’ production and farm income. The gaps like gender parity and small farm holding were found in the study. The research suggests that effective agricultural information dissemination services through ICT tools in farming are essential. Special emphasis should be given to address gender disparity and resolve farm holding problems for ensuring women’s participation in agriculture.