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Fall 10-22-2021


Scholarly journals are still the most important media for disseminating product of research information concerned with transmission of correct results on right time and to right audience. Nowadays, researchers are faced with variety of challenges due to not observing ethics and rules of publication in high impact journals. Communicating research findings is an essential step in the research process. This article employed the philosophical assumptions of the Constructivism with focus on complexity, richness, multiple interpretations and meaning-making inductively through an Integrative Literature Review which was used to develop this conceptual paper. The aim of the article is to explore the different stages in research process using the Onion Model, to help researchers create a better organised methodology and avoid plagiarism and to extensively describe the basic structure of a research article, identifying the common pitfalls and recommend strategies to avoid them. Importance of literature review and its types such as Narrative, Systematic, Argumentative, Integrative and Theoretical literature review and choice of methodology are also discussed. Further, the article describes the review process for publishing scientific research and ways of identifying predatory publishers and journals. The article concludes that peer-reviewed journals are the forum for communicating research findings, and recommend that researchers should give more concern to principles and ethics of how to write a publishable paper in indexed journals and avoid plagiarism and predatory.