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Winter 11-1-2021


This paper concerns the current status of the Sujarah Banyumas manuscript in the Kepangeranan Banyumas manuscripts collection. The Kepangeranan Banyumas manuscript collection is from the extended family of Kanjeng Pangeran Adipati Arya Gandasubrata. These manuscripts were received by the Universitas Indonesia Library and need to be managed and preserved for future references. Previous studies have addressed the idea that special collections or manuscripts should be preserved to be as tangible cultural heritage and be important to society's development. The manuscript was visually examined to determine the physical condition of the manuscript sheets. A total of five pages were sampled to identify the condition of the manuscript. The assessment shows that the manuscript is still in readable condition, although deterioration was found in some parts. Digitisation of the manuscript is suggested to provide sustainable access to the textual content without risking further damage to the manuscript itself.