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Winter 11-16-2021


This article is based with reference to Northeastern India where public libraries are distant from rural areas, it was an attempt to aware the rural locals and make use of academic libraries where villages are adopted by higher educational insitutions.


Libraries of higher educational institutes besides serving their parent organisation can provide extension service towards the society or the local community. This idea generated with the Government guideline of the MHRD for the Educational Institutions called Unnat Bharat Abhiyan for adopting village for their development and bridging the gap between urban and rural. This paper deals with how libraries being part of the institution can contribute in shaping the development of the adopted village through active participation of the community and setting up village community library under the patron of institutional library. It can bridge the gap between rural and urban community in terms of social and economical development, creating a visible change of adopted village and becoming a model village for other villages in its vicinity.