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The purpose of this research is to look at the literature published in the Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science (MJLIS) from 1996 and 2021. The data for this study was taken from the Scopus Database. During the research study, 448 publications were identified. Bibliometric indices such as annual growth rate (AGR), relative growth rate (RGR), and doubling time (Dt), authorship pattern, degree of collaboration (DC), collaborative index (CI), most productive Institutes, and so on were used by the researchers. The study's findings suggest that the maximum number of papers (28.25%) were published in 2011, while the lowest number of research articles (7.56%) were published in 2021. The study also revealed that the DC is 0.72, with multi-authors publishing the majority of the papers. In addition, out of 49 countries, Malaysia contributed 191 documents on its own, compared to other countries. The VOSviewer software helps in making findings more visible.