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Effective use of school libraries is very germane in achieving effective teaching and learning at various levels of education. Most importantly, the cultivation of the habit of using library by preschool children at the foundation phase will go a long way in patterning the reading habits of the children as they advance in their education. Currently, most preschool children exhibit unruly traits which are potential threats to effe3ctive management of preschool library. However, literature is scarce on the disciplining practices of the preschool Librarians for effective management of school library. Thus, this study was necessitated to explore the library disciplining practices adopted by preschool Librarians for effective use of preschool library. The study adopted a quantitative research approach and specifically a descriptive survey research design using a sample of 156 preschool Librarians in Nsukka Education Zone. Necessary data for the study were collected using a structured instrument titled "Library disciplining practices of preschool Librarians’ questionnaire”. The instrument was properly face validated and trial-tested yielding an internal consistency reliability index of 0.85 using the Cronbach Alpha method. Data obtained from the fieldwork were analysed using mean and t-test of independent samples to provide answers to the research questions and test the associated null hypothesis. The findings of the study revealed that the disciplining practices adopted by preschool Librarians are review/reorganization/self-examination, dialogue/discussion, punishment, and recognition/reward. It was thus recommended that the Local Government Education Authority should encourage other preschool Librarians to use mostly those identified library disciplining practices for effective management of preschool library.