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Winter 12-15-2021


Now-a-days education and educational resources are open to all but we are facing a terrible epidemic situation due to Corona virus (COVID-19), so we need different electronic learning platforms for e-learning. In this present study, authors have explained, how many webinars are organized by Library and Information Science (LIS) professional during this period April 2020 to June 2021, distribution of webinars based on month capacity, how many web conferencing platforms used in LIS related webinars, distribution of types of organizers of webinars, distribution of webinars based on the respective region, distribution of webinars by time duration and time schedule. The outcomes of the research articles show that total 460 webinars were conducted during this COVID-19 period from April 2020 to June 2021 in between these 15 months, May and June 2020, these two months placed top time for webinars 131 (28.47 %), July 2020, 52 (11.30 %), September 2020, 46 (10.00 %). It is experimental that thirteen types of webinar platforms are used in the current study, the most usable web conferencing platforms are YouTube 195 (39.79 %), Zoom 85 (17.34 %) and Cisco Webex 76 (15.51%). This research article analyses and evaluates current technological development & detailed information of webinars through video conferencing platforms for teaching and learning by different LIS professional during COVID-19 period.