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Winter 12-12-2021


The advent of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has brought radical changes in all spheres of life in the way in which information is gathered, stored, organized, processed and consumed. The changing trend in ICT has also impacted the work and working pattern of libraries. This paper provides a meticulous review of literature on Impact and Usage of E-Resources. Reviewed the published literature during 2000 to 2019 those reviews reveal that the use of E-Resources i.e. E-Books, E-Journals, E-Theses, E-Databases, etc. are becoming very common in this new technological era. As the academic libraries are mainly used by the teachers, researchers and students, e-resources have a great impact to their academic and research work. Majority of the users are dependent on e-resources and those resources are also impacted their reading habit in their walk of life