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Public libraries play a pivotal role in the development of national culture, society, economy and other factors. Users have extreme importance when libraries are discussed. Good resources and services are essentially required for library users. The objective of this study was to evaluate the users’ satisfaction with the resources and services of a public library. Quantitative research approach based on survey method was used to conduct this study. A structured questionnaire was designed to collect the data from the registered members of Government Jinnah Public Library Sahiwal (GJPLS). Convenience sampling technique was applied to approach sample size of this study.

The users were found highly satisfied with the library services including circulation, reference and electronic services. Notice board service was appreciated. The public library was providing efficient internet and Wifi service and it used to connect with its community through Facebook and mobile instant messaging service. Furthermore, GJPLS was holding good collections of books, journals and other sources of information organized with up-to-date catalogue.

The physical facilities of GJPLS were also found attractive and providing a gateway to learning with comfortable location to approach, quiet space for reading, community space for meetings and group study. However, the library timings were required to be reconsidered as per user requirements. This study might be helpful in improving the users’ satisfaction and quality service of public libraries in Pakistan. The study might also provide assistance to policy makers and directorate of public libraries to devise a benchmark for quality service delivery in the public libraries.