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Winter 12-20-2021

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Librarian behavior has brought a positive change in the students' lives. Librarian love encourages the students' stay in the public libraries of high schools. A decade ago, the world paid a high price for corporal punishment; in turn, the students faced a high level of stress and anxiety. However, UNESCO has launched a slogan, 'No punishment but love' all over the world. Therefore, this study measures the impact of librarian love on students' personality development, e.g., discipline, emotional behavior, and perceived respect. Additionally, this study sees whether the high school librarians perceive a positive impact on their discipline, emotional behavior, and respect towards love. The study targeted 45 high schools of District Sheikhupura in the province of Punjab. The researcher personally distributed 480 survey questionnaires among the library teachers; however, 403 were returned valid and filled. The survey questionnaire was translated into Urdu, a native language of Pakistan, because it was too difficult to collect data from the English school. Smart PLS 3.3.3 was applied to test the model, and the study meets the measurement scales' criteria of validity and reliability. The study supported that librarian love has a significant and positive influence on students' discipline, emotional behavior, and perceived respect. It means librarian love brings a positive change in the personality and academic performance of the students in terms of discipline, emotional behavior, and respect. The study provides the guidelines as policy implications to the school education departments to ensure the strategy of love by the librarians so that the habit of spending more and more at libraries would be common.

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