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Winter 12-28-2021

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E-resources are the backbone of the learner community in this information superfluous era. Digital technology has made remote access to the E-resources more easy, speedy, and comfortable. The advent of technology has made the libraries add new resources to their existing collection. For the academic community, remote access to the e-resources has become a very important part of their education and research, especially in this pandemic period. Library users are keen on searching and retrieving information stored/viewed from a distance or stored in remote locations. Remote login access to online library e-resources is the best practice that helps the users to access their desired information wherever they stay without wasting time which fills the gap between a library and its users being always remained connected. It allows the best easy access to the use of the e-resources of the library through its interface from anywhere. In this study, an attempt has been made to understand the perception of users based on their reviews of the remote access platforms mobile apps, Knimbus and MyLOFT. Sentiment analysis is conducted using Appbot software to derive insights from 73 user reviews of the Knimbus app and 253 reviews of the MyLOFT app from 10th July 2008 to 11th December 2021. The study has identified that the overall sentiment score of Knimbus and MyLOFT is 64% and 62% respectively. The data analytics shows that Knimbus is having a better satisfaction ratio than the MyLOFT and it is better serving the purpose of providing the e-resources and contributing to the teaching and learning process.